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FOB Shenzhen price

It‘s a payment term for products you've purchased from ZENYER. The products will be delivered and paid when Freight On Board at Shenzhen Port China. That means that ZENYER will pay freight to the port within Shenzhen, but you have to pay for the actual shipping to your chosen destination country.


How much does shipping cost?

Shipping costs will depend on the destination port of your country. Please contact us and we can email you a shipping quote.


What is the current availability for your egg processing equipment?

(In stock): It's available at the moment.

(Pre-order): It's unavailable at the moment, Please contact us to discuss.


How do I order a egg processing equipment?

contact us via email or phone. We can discuss your options, delivery time.


How does deposit and payment for egg processing equipment?

50% deposit for "Pre-order" item is paid. We proceed with manufacturing your equipment, and the balance is to be paid one week before delivery.

Full payment for“In stock" item is paid one week before delivery.


I'd like to inspect egg processing equipment. Can you please send me contact details for any customers that have ZENYER egg processing equipment in my country?

If you provide us with your name, address, email and phone number, we will pass my customers details to you in your country who will contact you at a time that suits them.


Price is subject to exchange rate.

Price may be changed due to convert rate without prior notice, please double check the price on website before order.


Can I pay with credit card?

Yes,You can pay for the machines and other items with your credit card, please contact us to discuss this option.

Different voltage
Some countries for example USA, Canada, Japan, Taiwan Voltage 110V which is different from China 220V, is to be paid extra 3% charge.


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