Egg printer

Name:406H Egg printer

Product Code:406H


Function:Egg printing, egg coding


  • ZENYER 406H egg printer is equipped with six printing heads, which can automatically print on six 
    lines at the same time. 
  • Is specially designed for the ZENYER 104A egg grader , 107 egg grader, 710C farm packer, 713A farm packer and 714 farm packer,  and can be attached on the belt conveyor of the egg grader and farm packer, and only prints when eggs run through the photoelectric sensor under the injet printer.
  • With a color touch screen, you can create and edit a printing message on the screen or download an image from a USB to use as a printing message.
Commodity Egg printer
Product code 406H
Model ZYM-H6
Print head 6
Power 0.2KW
Voltage 220-240V, 50/60HZ, Single phase
Message content Text,number,logo,picture,date
Message height 8.8mm
Working temperarure 5-45℃
Function Egg printing

ZENYER 406H egg printer

406H egg printer install on automatic packer

For ZENYER 406H egg printer : Only USD6,731.00


406H Egg printer Brochure