Egg separator

Name:500 Egg centrifuge

Product Code:500

Capacity:20,000 eggs/hour

Function:Egg centrifuge, separate egg liquid from egg shell



  • Made of stainless steel for great durability and hygiene .

  • ZENYER 500 is a semi-automatic centrifugal egg breaker, it produces fresh whole egg liquid with capacity of 20000 eggs/hour.
  • After filling the machine with eggs, it breaks the eggs and the fresh egg liquid is transported into a placed container. Meanwhile, the eggshells are crushed, greatly reducing their volume,

  • An inner sieve made of a perforated welded plate ensures an eggicient filtering of centrifuged egg liquid , the machine retrieves the egg liquid from the ceushed shells, therefore minimizing the amount of wasted product.

  • ZENYER 500 centrifugal egg breaker is suitable for egg farmers and other egg processing factories.

  • Washing eggs before breaking is essential to meet food safety standard and ensure the best quality. The 500 centrifugal egg breaker also can be paired with ZENYER 202B egg washer to build up ZENYER 300C egg processing line with capacity of 10000 eggs/hour.

Commodity Egg centrifuge
Product code 500
Model ZYD-L-80
Capacity 20,000 eggs/hour
Material Stainless steel
Power 5.5KW
Voltage 380V,50HZ,3-phase
Dimension (L*W*H) 1.8*0.68*1.15 M
Function Egg centrifuge, separate egg
liquid from egg shell

For ZENYER 500 Egg centrifuge : Only USD7,692.00


500 Egg centrifuge Brochure