Egg washer

Name:203B Egg washer

Product Code:203B

Capacity:20,000 eggs/hour

Function:Water bath loading, washing, drying, candling



  • Made of strong stainless steel for great durability and hygiene. 
  • Suitable for pre-washing before separating of chicken eggs, or cleaning and drying for duck eggs or preserved eggs. 

  • Including water bath loading, washing, drying, candling, and optional manual collection conveyor with capacity of 10000 eggs/hour. 

  • Pour the whole tray or box of eggs into a water bath, and the eggs will be transported into washing system that follows the conveyor. This loading method not only saves time but also minimizes egg cracks by using buoyancy. Plus, eggs are easier to wash as well after running through a water bath.

  • The eggs will be cleaned by brushes and warm water (customer provides water heater).

  • Water on eggs will be swept off by the drying brushes, and meanwhile the eggs themselves are dried by the drying fan system, the drying rate can reach up to 95% which depends on the environment humidity.

  • Can be connected with ZENYER 104B egg grader main machine to set up a duck egg processing line or with ZENYER 501B egg separator to set up a liquid egg processing line with capacity of 8000 eggs/hour.

Commodity Egg washing machine
Product code 203B
Model ZYX-YS2-3
Capacity 20,000 eggs/hour
Material Stainless steel
Power 21.37KW
Voltage 220V, 50HZ, Single phase
Dimension (L*W*H) 7.3*1.7*1.1M
Net weight 950KG
Gross weight 1550KG
Function Water bath with double line loading,
washing,drying,candling,and optional
manual packing lane

ZENYER 203B Egg washer

Water bath with double line loading

Egg washing with brushes

Egg drying system

Manual packing lane (optional)

For ZENYER 203B egg washer without manual packing lane : Only USD37,363.00


  • The 608D manual packing lane : USD8,791.00


203B Egg washer Brochure