Egg lifter & loader

Name:30-egg lifter head kit

Product Code:6X30A


Function:Spare parts


With 30 silicone cups, for transferring 30 eggs per time. 
Spare part for the Zenyer 602 egg lifter head, if it ever gets broken.
Increase your efficiency, reduce labour costs with Zenyer vacuum egg lifters.

Commodity 30-egg lifter head kit
Product code 6X30A
Egg type For chicken eggs
Dimension (L*W*H) 280*240*190mm
Aprox package size 320*320*120mm
Net weight 0.95KG
Function With 5*6 fixed egg positions, 
for transferring eggs to 30-egg tray,
or transfeering eggs from 30-egg tray 
to the machine

30 egg lifter head kit : Only USD440.00 each
(In stock)

30-egg lifter head kit Brochure