Egg washer

Name:200AS Egg washer

Product Code:200AS

Capacity:2,000 eggs/hour

Function:Ramp loading, candling,sanitizer, sprayer,washing, drying and manual collection table



  • Made of strong stainless steel for great durability and hygiene. 
  • Including ramp loading, candling, sanitizer sprayer, washing, drying fan and manual collection table with a capacity of 2,000 eggs/hour.
  • The sanitizer sprayer sprays sanitizer or detergent (customer provides) onto eggs automatically for food security purpose. The eggs are cleaned by brushes with warm water (customer provides water heater).
  • The new version drying system improves drying rate.
  • Ideal for free range egg farm, and satisfies of egg cleaning requirements.
  • Only 2 people required (one for loading & candling, another for egg collection).
  • Can operate by one people if you choose the accumulator (with the single roller conveyor) connecting with the washer. Load 3 trays (90 eggs) on the accumulator by using the 602 vacuum egg lifter per turn and collect the clean eggs at end of the washer.
  • Has a compact structure and occupies minimal space.
  •  Ideal for free range farm, and satisfies of egg cleaning requirements.
Commodity Egg washer
Product code 200AS
Model ZYX-J1-1
Capacity 2,000 eggs/hour
Material Stainless steel
Power 3.9KW
Voltage 220V, 50HZ, Single phase
380V, 50HZ, 3- phase
Dimension (L*W*H) 3.9*0.5*1.55M
Net weight 250KG
Gross weight 350KG
Function Ramp loading, candling,sanitizer sprayer,washing, drying fan and manual collection table

ZENYER 200AS egg washer

 Ramp loading with LED candler

Proportional doser

 Egg washing with brushes and warm water

Drying system

Manual collection table

Control panel

The accumulator(with the single roller conveyor) for egg loading

ZENYER 604AS Accumulator (with the single roller conveyor) matches with the egg washer

The floor plan for the 200AS egg washer with 604AS accumulator

For ZENYER 200AS egg washer: Only CNY72,100.00


200AS Egg washer Brochure