Egg grader

Name:101B Egg grader

Product Code:101B

Capacity:4000 eggs/hour

Function:Grading,LED candling



  • Made of stainless steel for greater durability.
  • Can sort eggs into maximum of 7 grades with accuracy within ±1g and capacity of 4000eggs/hour.
  • Workers can check the cracked, dirty and other unqualified eggs through LED candling booth and pick them out manually. The candling booth includes the candling cover and mirror as well to reinforce the candling result.


Commodity Egg grading machine
Product code 101B
Model ZYF-J2-L
Capacity 4,000 eggs/hour
Material Stainless steel
Accuracy ±1g
Grade 7
Power 218W, 3.6A
Voltage 220V, 50HZ, Single phase
Dimension (L*W*H) 1.7 *1.45 * 1 M
Net weight 160KG
Gross weight 260KG
Function Grading, LED candling

ZENYER 101B Egg grader (the candling cover faces inside)

ZENYER 101B Egg grader (the candling cover faces outside)

The 2-row LED candling booth with candling cover and mirror 

Egg weighing system

ZENYER 402H Egg printer matches on the 101B Egg grader

ZENYER 604A accumulator matches with the 101B egg grader

(Through the 604A accumulator, eggs are divided into 2 lines and transferred into the feeding line of 101B egg grader automatically)


For ZENYER 101B egg grader(LED candler included): Only USD3,956.00


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101B Egg grader Brochure