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Name:604A Accumulator

Product Code:604A




  • ZENYER 604A accumulator is specially designed for egg loading, it can be attached with  the 101A/101B  or  102A/102B egg grader.
  • You can load 30 eggs at a time onto the 604A accumulator if you have the ZENYER 602 vacuum egg lifter.
  • Through the 604A accumulator, eggs are divided into 2 lines and transferred into the 101A/101B egg grader or separated into 3 lines and transferred into the 102A/102B egg grader.
  • Has a compact structure and occupies minimal space.

Commodity Accumulator
Product code 604A
Model ZYS-D24/80
Power 90W
Voltage 220V, 50HZ, Single phase
Dimension (L*W*H) 0.9*0.24 * 1 M
Net weight 40KG
Gross weight 80KG
Function Accumulator

ZENYER 604A accumulator

The 604A accumulator with 2 dividers which can connect with the 101A/101B Egg grader

The 604A accumulator with 3 dividers which can connect with the 102A/102B Egg grader

ZENYER 604A accumulator matches with  the 102B egg grader 
Loading eggs via the 602 vacuum egg lifter

For ZENYER 604A Accumulator : Only USD1,319.00

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604A Accumulator Brochure