Egg grader

Name:107 Egg grader

Product Code:107


Function:Candling, head turning, grading & counting, auto-packer



  • Made of strong stainless steel for great durability and hygiene.
  • Includes accumulator & candling & head turning, grading & counting, auto packing and manual packing functions all in one machine with a capacity of 20000 eggs/hour.
  • This model of egg grader is featured with a color touchscreen and PLC control system with self-diagnose function.
  • Ideally, connect the accumulator with the rod conveyor from chicken shed, eggs from the rod conveyor will flow to the machine directly.
  • Eggs are transported to the candling section. You can check for any leaking, dirty or cracked eggs through LED light by eyes, and manually take them out.
  • Is equipped with a LED candler with a stainless steel candling cover and a mirror for better candling results.
  • Head turning makes sure the eggs are orientated with the bigger head (air chamber) on top for longer storage before getting packed.
  • Eggs are weighed electronically and graded into 5~6 grades with an accuracy of within ±1g.
  • It has a counting function as well, you can check how many eggs of each grade and total output per shift have been processed.
  • Each auto-packer includes an empty tray transfer conveyor, a drop-set unit and collection conveyor.
  • Empty cartons/trays need to put onto the transfer conveyor manually, the transfer conveyor will transport the cartons/trays towards the egg drop-set to fill with eggs.
  • The egg drop-set unit supports the 10, 12, 15, 18, ​30 egg cartons/trays.
  • Each size can be attached with an auto packer. It can be also connected to a manual packing lane.
  • The manual packing lane can be split into two sections to accommodate two egg sizes if needed.
  • Graded eggs will drop onto the sponge roller of the manual packing lane, the roller will deliver the eggs to its collection section. You can collect the eggs from there and pack them into egg cartons/trays manually.
Commodity Egg grading machine
Product code 107
Model ZYF-DAS6-3ZP
Capacity 20,000 eggs/hour
Material Stainless steel
Accuracy ±1g
Grade 5
Power * 5.33KW
Voltage 380V,50HZ,3-phase
Dimension (L*W*H) 7.6*5.7*2.0 M
Net weight * 2500KG
Gross weight * 3000KG
Function Accumulator,Candling booth & head turning,grading & counting,auto-packer, manual packing lane,off grade table
* Power, net weight and gross weight are calculated according to the floor plan below.

ZENYER 107 egg grader (with 3 auto-packers and 1 manual packing lane)

107 Egg grader floor plan

Ideally, connecting to the rod conveyor from chicken shed


6-row candling booth with candling cover and mirror

Automatic head turning

The 6-row weighing system

The hanging system with 124 claws

 Empty tray transfer conveyor 

Drop- set unit

Automatic pack eggs into 30-egg tray

Egg tray collection conveyor

Manual packing lane

Off grade

Color touch screen & Physical button control panel

Touch screen user interface

Price for ZENYER 107 egg grader: Only USD107,692.00
Consist of :

  • Accumulator  (candling,head turning included)

  • The 107 main machine 

  • Auto-packer (3 Units)
  • Manual packing lane (1 unit)

Option: (Pre-order)

107 Egg grader Brochure