Egg lifter & loader

Name:604B Conveyor

Product Code:604B


Function:Accumulator & UV & Transition


  • ZENYER 604B conveyor includes a belt conveyor and UV light sterilizing.
  • The  UV sterilizing system can sanitize egg shells for maximum food security. When you open the UV light cover, the UV light will be switched off automatically for eye protection.
  • Equipped with a speed control panel, which allows the 604B conveyor to match various ZENYER egg grader and egg washer.
  • You can connect the ZENYER 200A/201A egg washer with the 101A/101B/102A/102B egg grader through the 604B conveyor. Eggs coming from the egg washer are separated into 2 lines and then transferred into the 101A/101B egg grader or separated into 3 lines and transferred into the 102A/102B egg grader.
Commodity Conveyor
Product code 604B
Model ZYS-P30/150
Power 218W
Voltage 220V, 50HZ, Single phase
Dimension (L*W*H)  1.5*0.38*1.3M
Net weight 80KG
Gross weight 150KG
Function Belt conveyor &UV & Transition

ZENYER 604B conveyor (UV  included)

Floor plan

UV sterilization of the 604B conveyor

Through 604B conveyor, eggs are divided into 3-row and transfer to the 102B egg grader

For ZENYER 604B Conveyor : Only USD2,637.00

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604B Conveyor Brochure