Egg lifter & loader

Name:605G Accumulator

Product Code:605G


Function:Accumulator & orientator



  • Made of strong stainless steel and silicon roller for great durability and hygiene.
  • The silicon rollers with guide lines to make sure eggs stay in 6 lines nicely.
  • Can vacuum load 30 eggs onto the 605G accumulator at a time via the ZENYER 602 vacuum egg lifter . Then the orientator would direct 6 lines of eggs into 1 line and transfer the eggs onto single conveyor egg washer or egg grader smoothly.
  • Equipped speed controllers can ensure optimal speed to match any other machines it may be working with.
  • Improves egg loading efficiency and saves time.
Commodity Accumulator
Product code 605G
Model ZYS-G60/150
Power 290W
Voltage 220V, 50HZ, Single phase
Dimension (L*W*H)  1.77*1.28*1.3 M
Net weight 120KG
Gross weight 200KG
Function  Roller conveyor & orientator,
optional vacuum egg lifter

ZENYER 605G accumulator with 602 vacuum egg lifter

Floor plan

ZENYER 602 Vacuum egg lifter for optional

For ZENYER 605G Accumulator : Only USD6,593.00


605G Accumulator Brochure