Egg processing line

Name:302AS Egg processing line

Product Code:302AS

Capacity:10,000 eggs/hour

Function:Washing & Drying, grading & counting



  • Made of stainless steel for better durability, corrosion resistance and hygiene. 
  • Includes egg accumulator & candling, sanitizer sprayer, washing, drying, printing, grading & counting, manual collection table all in one line with a capacity of 10,000 eggs/hour.

  • The eggs will be cleaned by brushes with warm water (customer provides), and highly satisfies all egg cleaning requirements.

  • Water on the eggs will be swept off by the brushes, and meanwhile the eggs themselves are dried by the drying system. The drying rate can reach up to 95% which depends on the environment humidity.
  • Equipped with a colour touchscreen PLC control panel that is used to set the grading specifications, calibrate the accuracy, count the total output and each size output as well.
  • Alarm and diagnose the malfunctions that may occur in the grading system.
  •  Can be connected to a rod conveyor connecting to a chicken shed.
Commodity Egg processing line
Product code 302AS
Model ZYL-JS1-D1-C
Capacity 10,000 eggs/hour
Material Stainless steel
Power 11.57KW
Voltage 380V, 50HZ, 3-phase
Dimension (L*W*H) 11.55*3.9 *2.0 M
Net weight 1550KG
Gross weight 2240KG
Function Accumulator, candling, sanitizer sprayer,
washing,drying, grading &counting, 
manual collection table and optional
vacuum egg lifter and egg printer.
* Power, net weight and gross weight are calculated according to the floor plan below.

ZENYER 302AS Egg processing line  

ZENYER 605A accumulator

Zenyer 202A egg washer (with the 605A accumulator and manual packing lane)

Zenyer 104B egg grader (with the 605A accumulator)

ZENYER 602 Vacuum egg lifter

ZENEYR 401H Egg printer 
matches on the 104B egg grader (for optional)

Free standing control panel

For ZENYER 302AS egg processing line standard configuration: Only CNY279,600.00
consist of :




302AS Egg processing line Brochure