Egg processing line

Name:303A Egg processing line

Product Code:303A


Function:washing, drying, grading & counting,auto packing



  • Made of strong stainless steel for great dueability and hygiene.
  • Includes the egg accumulating, candling, orientating, sanitizing, brush washing and drying, head turning, egg grading & counting, auto-packing and manual packing functions, as well as the optional automatic egg loader, UV sterilization and egg printer.
  • The 203A egg washer is equipped a free standing control panel, and the 107 egg grader has a color touchscreen control panel, they are interlock controlled with each other for safety reasons.
  • Can be connected to a rod conveyor leading from the chicken shed or to a Zenyer 615 automatic egg loader, both of which makes egg loading more efficient.
  • This model of egg washer can satisfy any egg cleaning and drying requirements very well.
  • The auto-packer supports 10, 12, 15, 18, and 30 egg cartons/trays.
  •  One auto-packer can pack only one size, the manual packing lane can pack a maximum of 2 sizes.

Commodity Egg processing line
Product code 303A
Model ZYL-JS2-DAS6-3ZP
Capacity 20,000 eggs/hour
Material Stainless steel
Power 27KW
Voltage 380V, 50HZ, 3-phase
Dimension (L*W*H) 16.6*5.7 *2 M
Net weight 3080KG
Gross weight 4500KG
Function Accumulator & candling booth,sanitizer sprayer,
washing & drying,accumulator &head turning,
grading & counting,auto-packer,manual packing,

optional automatic egg loader,UV sterilization 
and egg printer
* Power, net weight and gross weight are calculated according to the floor plan below.

ZENYER 303A egg processing line 

ZENYER 303A egg processing line floor plan

ZENYER 203A Egg washer (with the 605B accumulator and manual packing lane)

ZENYER 107 Egg grader (with 3 units auto packer and 1 unit manual packing lane )

The 615 Auto vacuum loader (optional)

For ZENYER 303A egg processing line : Only CNY863,000.00
consist of :



303A Egg processing line Brochure